LHS Online Learning Notification to Parents

Dear Parents,

It has truly been a wild ride this week dealing with the closing of school and moving forward with online classes. In an effort to keep you as informed as possible, below is a list of key information you need to know about online learning at Luther.

1. When – online classes for Luther High School will begin on Monday, March 23rd.

2. What - Students will need to check in with their teachers each day to see what they need to be working on in each class. Some teachers have decided to meet at specific times each day with their class. Other teachers will be posting assignments each day for their students. Each teacher has determined how his/her classroom will work during the next few weeks.

Your child(ren) should have all of that information by now. If they don’t, an email or phone call to the teacher would be most appropriate. There is a faculty directory under the “About” menu on Luther’s website. This will give you each teacher’s extension to their classroom. You can leave the teacher a voicemail, and the message will be sent to their school email account. Even if teachers are working from home instead of their classroom, they will receive all their voicemails and will be able to contact you about your questions. 

Each day students will receive a Time of Grace devotion to watch in their school email. This will serve as our chapel for each day. We encourage families to sit and watch these devotions together.

3. Where – Students will need to find a place where they can access reliable internet or wireless access. Everything being done in our online classes will be disseminated through an online platform like Google Classroom, Office 365, or something similar. Each teacher will use a platform he/she is most comfortable using.

4. How – One question all of you are probably wonder is, “How long will Luther be closed?” Governor Evers has stated this week public and private schools will be closed until the health emergency has been lifted. This means schools will be closed indefinitely along with extra-curricular activities. We will have to wait for Governor Evers to declare the health emergency to be over before we return to school. The earliest this could be is April 6th.  

A second question all of you might be asking is, “How do I best help/support my child(ren) at home with online learning?” The first thing you will need to do is be an active participant in your child’s classes. Instead of just asking them what they need to do today for their classes, ask them to show you so you can see the progress they have made each day. Help them develop a routine each day of when and where in the house they will be attending classes. In essence, you will be the teacher in the house setting expectations on how your child will behave/act in school.

During the time that Luther High School is closed, our custodial staff has been busy cleaning all of the classrooms. So, if/when we are given the ok to return to school, the building will be ready for students and teachers. Since the building is being cleaned, we have closed the campus at Luther to just essential staff and teachers. This means all of the building and campus is closed for use. The only parts of the building being accessed are the offices and classrooms.

The present Coronavirus circumstances we face also serves as an opportunity to underscore God’s blessing of having parents, students, and instructors working together to equip and train our students not only for this life, but through the Means of Grace also be equipped for eternity.

Thank you for understanding, assistance and prayers.  As our theme for our school year encourages, together we will “Serve the Lord”.

Paul Wichmann

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