Adjusted School Schedule Due to Snow Days

With the unusally large number of snow/ice/cold days that we have experienced, an adjustment to the school schedule for this year has been made.   Please click the link below for IMPORTANT information on days that have been added back into the schedule.   The document also includes plans for any future cancellations.  This will be updated as it becomes necessary.

UPDATE:    April 18, 2020 is now a full school day  (make-up for 2.20.19 snow day)


Bus Information for 2-Hour Delays

If your son/daughter rides the bus to Luther in the morning commute, please review this IMPORTANT information about 2-hour delay days.


2018-2019 School Daily Schedules

        Normal Schedule (M-T-Th-F)                        Meeting Day Schedule (WED)

        Normal Schedule (2-hour late start)              Meeting Day Schedule (2-hour late start)

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